Rooms have been decorated and furnished to a standard, which will allow you to personalise the room to your taste without redecorating. We encourage you to personalise your room with photos, pictures, ornaments, etc. and you may, subject to fire regulations, add items of furniture, for example use your own bed. Our handyman will provide assistance to help hang pictures, move furniture etc.

You may also bring in electrical items such as radios, dvd/videos and televisions. All electrical appliances must be tested on our Portable Appliance Test machine prior to being placed in the room. Our handyman will check the item for you; please ask the manager or senior person in charge for assistance. All rooms are fitted with television aerial points. Personal telephones may also be provided (at your own expense) although there is a phone available for Resident use. Residents are also able to receive personal calls on the Home’s phone.

Electrical appliances and equipment are checked regularly for safety. If you wish to use electrical appliances of your own or have additional appliances brought into the Home, then you must ask the manager to have it checked to ensure safety.

Whilst we wish to respect privacy at all times, the manager, staff and handyman make regular checks of the Home to check for faults. All faults will be rectified as quickly as possible by our own staff or an external contractor if required. We also ask our Residents and/or their families to report faults to staff.

We are always striving to ensure that all repairs and maintenance are up to date and completed quickly. Our staff are always vigilant when around the Home and if they find something which needs maintenance it gets written in the maintenance book for our handyman or outside contractors to deal with.

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Glenside Care Home tries to offer its residents a home from home atmosphere in spacious and peaceful surroundings. Residents are encouraged to use the facilities and the patio and gardens as they wish.

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