Privacy & Dignity

Glenside Care Home believes that all our residents should be treated with the utmost Dignity and have their Privacy respected at all times and without question. Therefore the following guidelines explain how we will achieve this aim.

All residents should expect:


  • To be offered appropriate accommodation, furnished, decorated and equipped to a high standard, which they may use and enjoy as and when they wish, with the provision of locks to all rooms and keys as requested.
  • To be allowed to bring to their room, furniture and possessions of their own, if they desire, to make the room feel more like “theirs”.
  • To be able to entertain guests in their room in private as they wish.
  • To have confidentiality in all matters, for their permission to be sought should it become necessary to make confidential information available to others (except that information necessary for staff to provide appropriate care). All personal mail given to the individual un-opened.


  • To be treated with dignity in the way staff deals with dressings, bathing, feeding, incontinence and all other needs, all personal care performed behind closed doors, and if necessary screens are to be used.
  • To be addressed in a manner of their choosing, e.g. Mr/Mrs/Miss or by first or nickname.
  • To be respected as individuals, their views and the way in which they are accustomed to conducting their lives, and to be recognized and valued regardless of circumstances, preserve uniqueness.
  • To be consulted on matters that impinge on their life in the home and to have their wishes respected, in personal choices and preferences.
  • To be entitled to have their cultural, religious practices and beliefs observed and respected at all times. 


  • Staff will always treat residents with sensitivity, respect and thoughtfulness.
  • Staff will always knock before entering a room.
  • Staff will always address a resident the way they wish to be addressed.
  • Staff will always treat residents as individuals and promote independence.
  •  Staff will allow residents to do things for themselves whenever appropriate.
  •  Staff will always treat residents in a dignified and sensitive manner when performing intimate care tasks.
  •  Staff will never gossip about other residents. 

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Glenside Care Home tries to offer its residents a home from home atmosphere in spacious and peaceful surroundings. Residents are encouraged to use the facilities and the patio and gardens as they wish.

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