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December 2014 - Over the last couple of months we have been looking at refurbishing or replacing our lift. Due to its age we have devided that replacing it is the best way forward and as part of this we are looking at extending the lift so that it will run to the second floor (curently it only runs between the ground and first floor). By extending the run to the second floor we will be making the building more accessible to families who come in to Glenside for meetings and reviews.

We are currently reviewing quotations from two suppliers and the aim is to apoint one of these by the end of September to provide and install the new lift. In addition we will have to widen the existing lift shaft which will unfortunately cause some disruption within the Home but we believe the benefits will outweigh the negatives.

The planned schedule for this is to remove the current lift and do the building works during the last two weeks of January and to install the new lift during the first week of February, with the aim of having this lift commissioned and operational during the second week of February 2015. During this time we will rely on our stair lift to support residents in accessing the first floor. The estimated cost for these works is expected to be around £38,000.

January 2015 - The new lift installation has started with a completion date of 28th January 2015. One lounge has been closed whilst the building works are completed. Unfortunately, the dust gets everywhere!!

Febraury 2015 - The new lift is now comleted and is fantastic. It has made a huge difference for our Residents, staff and visitors. The lfit now runs to the second floor. it has made access to the upper floor much easier for all. The lounge has been re-opened for use.

March 2015 - We have been ispected by the Environmental Health officer from Northampton Borough Council. The inspection went really well and, once again, we have been awarded five stars. The report is availabkle ib our information tab on this website.