Medical Services


The chiropodist visits the Home every six weeks. A charge of £14.00 is made for each Resident treated. The chiropodist bills the Home directly and these are billed on to the Resident/family each month.


Dentists are available to the Home on a regular basis. NHS charges do, however, still apply. Appointments are organised for all Residents for an examination at the current NHS rate in force at the time. Any additional treatment at its cost will be discussed with the next of kin before approval is given to the dentist. Emergency treatment can also be organised when needed.


Opticians are available to the Home on a regular check-up basis and when required at short notice. You may use your own optician if you wish. Please remember that, in certain circumstances, opticians make charges.


Doctors in Northampton have joined Nene Commissioning and organised that care homes be registered with one practice. Whilst it may mean you have to change GP's, it does give advantages, for example, the District Nurse visiting will be able to see a Resident at short notice as the Home will be registered with just one practice. The same will apply to GP visits. Most GPs will visit the Home but sometimes it will be necessary for the Resident to attend appointments at the surgery. Residents are encouraged to visit the surgery as GP's have more facilities in their practices. In addition to callout visits, the GP's also come to Glenside to do a "ward round" once a fortnight.

Medical and other appointments

We encourage families to take Residents to these appointments as it ensures that they are fully aware of what treatment has been received and/or discussed. We understand that, in some circumstances, families will not be available to attend these appointments. Whilst we are happy to arrange for one of our staff to accompany the Resident on these appointments, we do have to make a charge.

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Glenside Care Home tries to offer its residents a home from home atmosphere in spacious and peaceful surroundings. Residents are encouraged to use the facilities and the patio and gardens as they wish.

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